The book by Anne Edwards If You Go Down to the Woods Today: A Natural and Unnatural History of Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood, published by Norfolk Wildlife Trust c. 2020 gives a thorough, informative and very readable account of the Wood's species, activities over the four seasons and its history over centuries.


Here is a picture (dated 18 March 2023) of what may be the oldest tree in Ashwellthorpe. It is an oak tree in the hedgerow of the meadow leading from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Lower Wood carpark to the only Ashwellthorpe  entrance. More investigation needed - measurements taken etc. - but comments and opinions would be welcome. 

New information has already come to light - see below.

But NO -  That is wrong.! It is the second oldest ancient tree in Ashwellthorpe. The oldest ancient tree has a 6.5 metre girth at its base and is in the centre of the wood. The one pictured above is also an ancient tree but has a 5.7 metre girth at its base. An ancient oak tree is one  older than 300 years;  the oak tree in the photograph is likely to be over 350 years old This information came from the very informative website www.wodlandtrust.org.uk