The Farms which will be covered in future articles will be: Church/Home Farm, Hall Farm, Rose Farm, Wood Farm, Yew Tree Farm


courtesy of Rodney Downes
courtesy of Rodney Downes

Back Row, l to r: Fred Browne (Horseman); Fred Bunn (Stockman); Bacca Browne; ; Albert?Bailey (Cowman); Jack Harper (Horseman);  

Front Row, l to r: Sid Browne; Herbert Millett Moore; ?Denis Meade?; Jack Pidgeon (Cowman)

Photograph of Herbert Millett Moore (front row, second from left), owner of Church Farm,  with several of his farm workers. Unless someone can offer more information, it could be dated to c. 1939 if the young boy sitting to the left of Mr Millett Moore is Denis Meade (born 7 March 1926).  Denis Meade was one of 8 evacuees from Edmonton, Middlesex, who came to Ashwellthorpe with their Schoolteacher - Frederick Godfrey. Both Denis Meade and Mr Godfrey lived at Church Farm with Mr Millett Moore at the time of the National Register taken on 29 September 1939.

Note the horse drawn binder with its sails, which pushed the corn on to the cutters, and the canvas conveyor belt which carried the cut corn, to be tied into sheafs and ejected on to the land.